Video Guide

Automatic Video Tour Guide for peak performance, every time

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Video Guide

Multi device

Multi-language Automatic Video Tour Guide system

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Multi device

Audio and visual

Offer your clients a guided tour experience that they will remember. Engage engage the audio and the visual communication channels as well and deliver a better tour.


Consistent success

Imagine your best guide delivering his speech at his best, consistently, on every tour. Your Guidative virtual tour guide will never sleep over, and will never be in a bad mood.


Latest technologies

Our products are based on cutting edge new technologies and your clients will notice. We deliver video guided tours up to 4k definition powered by the latest version of Android.


Moving stories

Create a tour that is engineered to truly moves. Excite the senses showing your clients historical stories enacted by actors. Awaken their romantic side by playing excerpts of music. Show them areal footage about the sights to discover.


Better communication

Use still images or videos and tap into the full potential of the fullHD devices. Use still pictures for a quick setup and tune up your tour commentaries at a later stage with Hollywood quality motion picture to create an unforgettable experience for your visitors.


Stay in touch

Our team will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the preparation of the tour until the last fine tuning of your videos.