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  • Tour Name
    The tour name will translate to the downloaded .tour file's name. Please use a short descriptive name that does not contain special characters. Dashes will be used instead of spaces in the file name. Note: you can not save or dowload the tour until this field is empty!
    Tour Type
    Tour type can be single device or network/multi device version.
    Here you can specify all the languages that you want to use in Guidative App. Don't forget to fill out every translation field!
  • Default Media
    Default media is displayed automatically on screen immediately after the tour is started. It takes some time for your device to start the GPS module, receive coordinates and start playing zone media content. Choose the content so that it is relevant anywhere around the tour's area, or use it to present general information about the tour.
    Default Media Title (Displayed on sidebar)
    Default Media Description (Displayed on sidebar)
  • General Media
    General media blocks can be launched anywhere regardless of where the device is, by tapping the second play button from the top on the left side. If general media blocks are specified, the button appears automatically right after starting the tour. When the last general media block is played, the play button disappears. If a general media block contains a video, the video file will be launched first, and the slideshow, title and description will be displayed after the video ends.
  • There are no zones created yet! Please click the drawing tool on the map to create one! Once you are finished, clicking the right mouse button on a zone you can delete and erase it. Note: zones without any mediablock added will not be saved!