Simple Offline Budapest Guide

Simple Offline Budapest Guide Android App

Discover Budapest with the help of the Simple Offline Budapest Guide. The app features an offline map of the area of Hungary, as well as the description of the main tourist attractions including pictures for better orientation. Upon launch, the map is loaded and shows the main points of interest of Budapest. Tap on any marker and the detailed description of the attraction will be displayed. Go back to the map view hitting the back arrow.

Download this app while you have WIFI access as the size is 65 MB due to the offline map.

Minimum requirement: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Offline map for when you are away from 3g


- Offline map of Hungary included

- Proofreading of sight description done

- Launch screen improved


The Simple Offline Budapest Guide is out now! Grab it now from the store for FREE

Download the Simple Offline Budapest Guide from Google Play store now.

GPS Video Guide

Single language GPS Video Commentary System


Always at peak performance

Introducing the new GPS Single Language Video Commentary System. Easy and straightforward driver control interface, Auto-GPS Detection and new Tour Builder software, it’s the best commentary system that current technology can offer.

Use the new GPS Video Guide System, and suddenly you will know why it is something you, your clients and crew will never want to change. With the built-in Driver Control Panel, you have all the advantage of a hands-on experience, including play, pause and stop features. The system is capable of a lot more than you ever imagined.

Video Commentary System. Automatic. Easy.

With the automatic GPS launcher, your system listens to the GPS receiver and launches all the video commentary at exactly the right place, consistently.

Manage Your System Effortlessly.

In addition to pause, rewind, fast forward, the driver has the option to launch more video commentaries in order to adjust the speed of the tour in accordance with traffic pace, interest of your clients or time constraints given by the specific tour.

Guidative Network

Multi-language GPS Tour Commentary System with Video Capability


Always at peak performance

The Guidative Network is a tourist information system working on all kinds of moving vehicle where GPS location data is available. Use the Guidative Network Server app to control client devices running the Guidative Network Client app.

Build your tour with the Tour Builder for your specific destination. Mount your custom-made tour with Guidative for any hop-on hop-off tour, guided city-tour, boat tour, tuk-tuk tour, rickshaw tour, or train tour. Enrich your clients' experience during a live guided tour showing them pictures and maps of the sights they pass along, or mount your fully Guidative-guided tour with the commentary videos played exactly at the right moment.

Plan for congestion and any unforeseen event offering additional information on each sight. The driver can play videos manually or videos can be played automatically when the vehicle stays in a specific area for a long enough period of time.


Guidative Network BETA is out now! Get ahead of the crowd, become a BETA tester now!

Download the Server & Client apps from Google Play store.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

One particular zone is not activated

Please check the content of the folder linked to the specific zone (root/Guidative/alias-of-tour/alias-of-zone). If the folder is empty, no image or video will be loaded and the screen will go blank.

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