GPS Video Guide

Single language GPS Video Commentary System


Always at peak performance

Introducing the new GPS Single Language Video Commentary System. Easy and straightforward driver control interface, Auto-GPS Detection and new Tour Builder software, it’s the best commentary system that current technology can offer.

Use the new GPS Video Guide System, and suddenly you will know why it is something you, your clients and crew will never want to change. With the built-in Driver Control Panel, you have all the advantage of a hands-on experience, including play, pause and stop features. The system is capable of a lot more than you ever imagined.

Video Commentary System. Automatic. Easy.

With the automatic GPS launcher, your system listens to the GPS receiver and launches all the video commentary at exactly the right place, consistently.

Manage Your System Effortlessly.

In addition to pause, rewind, fast forward, the driver has the option to launch more video commentaries in order to adjust the speed of the tour in accordance with traffic pace, interest of your clients or time constraints given by the specific tour.