• First, you have to build your own tour with the Guidative TourBuilder web application
  • After saving your tour, you can download the tour file
  • Install a wireless network
  • Set a password for you wireless network

Tip: The best choice is an independent network only for your Guidative tablets. Internet connenction maybe cause some lag between the devices.

Switch to the server device...

  • Install Guidative Server app to your server device
  • Connect to your wireless network
  • Create a Guidative folder on your device's internal sd card
  • Create a tour folder (name can be anything eg. newyork3h) in Guidative folder
  • Copy your existing tour file to your tour folder

Tip: You can create unlimited number of tour folder.

  • Start the Server application
  • Click on the tiny settings icon on the right bottom
  • In the menu choose "Settings" menu
  • Set your USER ID
  • Set your seats row
  • Set your seats column
  • Go back to the Home screen with the back button

Switch to the client device...

  • Copy the whole Guidative folder from the server to the client sd card
  • Connect to the wireless network
  • Start the Client app
  • Swipe right on the screen
  • In the Pin Code screen enter the default Pin Code (1234), then press OK
  • Enter Guidative settings menu
  • Set an unique port number for you client, what you see on the server 
  • Then go back to the home screen with the back button

Switch to the server device...

  • Select your tour in Server app, and press "start" button.
  • Select the language, then press "Ok" button.

Switch to the client device...

  • Client device will connect to the server, then the tour will start. Be patient, the first start maybe last long, because the folder generating process.
  • Exit the client app
  • Copy the Guidative folder from the Client device to your computer

Tip: If your Guidative folder is empty or deficient, please restart the android device and then copy the folder again to your computer

  • Fill up your Guidative mappa structure with content (images, videos)
  • Copy back the whole folder to the client devices

Then the setup is complete, you can use your tour.




  • Connect all device to the same network
  • Start server app
  • Start clients
  • Pick one tour on the server and then press OK
  • On the server you can see the Preparation panel, wait until every client tablet will be marked green, or at least yellow. If you start the tour with the start button before every client change colour, maybe somebody's device don't start the tour. If every device is OK, then press "start".