FAQ - Frequently asked questions

One particular zone is not activated

Please check the content of the folder linked to the specific zone (root/Guidative/alias-of-tour/alias-of-zone). If the folder is empty, no image or video will be loaded and the screen will go blank.

There are two videos in a zone folder. Which will start first?

Only the first video in alphabetical order will be lauched for that zone. Other videos will be ignored.

Which image and video formats are supported?

You can use jpg, bmp, png type image files and avi, 3gp, mkv, mp4 video files.

The server and the client apps are not recognizing each other.

Please first check that both devices are on the same wifi network. Check the usable port interval settings on the server. Check the port setting on the client. Default port interval is 10000-10050. Exit the app and reboot both the clients and the server as well.

The client shows "Demo version". Why?

The expiration date might be overdue. Please check the expiration date and subscribe on guidative.com. Make sure that the User ID has properly been set in server app.

Is the User ID case sensitive?

No, the User ID is not case sensitive.

How can I access the main menu in the client app?

After you start the client, swipe right, then enter the pin code (1234 by default)

What is the default pin code for the main menu in the client app?

The default pin code is 1234.

After enabling the navigation bar hiding option, the navbar is still visible. Why?

The navigation bar hiding option needs root access on your device. The device has to be rooted first.