Simple Offline Budapest Guide

Simple Offline Budapest Guide Android App

Discover Budapest with the help of the Simple Offline Budapest Guide. The app features an offline map of the area of Hungary, as well as the description of the main tourist attractions including pictures for better orientation. Upon launch, the map is loaded and shows the main points of interest of Budapest. Tap on any marker and the detailed description of the attraction will be displayed. Go back to the map view hitting the back arrow.

Download this app while you have WIFI access as the size is 65 MB due to the offline map.

Minimum requirement: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Offline map for when you are away from 3g


- Offline map of Hungary included

- Proofreading of sight description done

- Launch screen improved


The Simple Offline Budapest Guide is out now! Grab it now from the store for FREE

Download the Simple Offline Budapest Guide from Google Play store now.